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Furniture that’s USA-made is the best in the world and CST is here to provide the welded steel tubing that makes all the difference when it comes to aesthetic and quality. Since 1951, CST has become a national leader in steel manufacturing at large and furniture specifically, and it’s known for its dining sets, desks, chairs, bed frames, patio furniture, convertible sofas, chairs, store display fixtures, and lighting products. When it comes to look and durability, CST gives its customers the value they need to differentiate themselves and succeed in the market.


We are here to provide the highest level of customer service possible. Since 1951, we’ve been catering to the American metals industry and we’re now known nationally as a top tubing manufacturer. How can we serve you?

Our Capabilities

After over 70 years in the steel tubing business, CST has unparalleled expertise in mechanical tubing. We boast a broad capability in custom steel fabrication and can manufacture steel tubing to precise customer specification.