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Tooling Policy

Roll Forming Tooling Charge Policy

Rolls, Tools or Dies required to produce a special product are charged at cost and invoiced as follows:

50% cash with Purchase Order – Balance Net upon shipment of the first article.

All tooling acquired for your account will be kept in our possession and control, but will not be used for any other customer without your written consent, so long as repetitive orders are received consistently. If no orders are received for a period of twelve consecutive months, we reserve the right to scrap the tooling or use them at our discretion, without further notice.

Partial tooling for use in combination with our Standard Tooling may sometimes be available. When combination tooling if offered we reserve the right to use such tooling at our discretion, while accepting responsibility to maintain all necessary tooling to produce the part in accordance with customer specifications.

If for any reason, tooling acquired for your account is removed by you from our possession and control, then it is agreed that you will pay to us an amount equal to 50% of the original tooling cost over and above the amount charged. This additional charge is to recompense us for engineering, try-out, maintenance, handling, and other expenses incurred by us in connection with such tooling.

There are many California Steel and Tube shapes available, which do not incur tooling charges.

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